architect and visual designer

I am the daughter of a dutch mother and an italian father, the blend of these two cultures has developed my creativity. I studied architecture at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio (Switzerland). I obtained my degree with architect Antonio Citterio. During these six years I focused on the man in its space, the proportions, the precision and I was able to experience different materials from cardboard to cement. I carried on with my studies in the graphic environment, frequenting for two years the SPD in Milan (Italy). I was very involved with all aspects related to typography, composition and the development process of an identity.
I find the relation between architecture and visual design fascinating, I believe them to be two distinct arts born from the same spirit. I love the proportion in architecture as much as in visual design. I believe in Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's concept stating that "God is in the details" and in Bruno Munari's idea "Simplicity is a sign of intelligence, as the ancient chinese saying goes — what you can not say in few words can not be said in many words either —".